Winter Frost Collection: Part 3

The Sashas models in this group are: Annette (Gotz Sasha and sister to Anna); Maya (blonde Sasha from 1970 with eyes repainted by me); Pippa (a lovely early 70's brunette Sasha who had developed falling hair and was rewigged by me to look like a brown eyed version of my sister).

Maya is wearing a beautiful outfit that I think looks really cute on her.

Her cardigan is hand knit using a pretty sky blue lace weight shetland wool. Yet again the buttons were hard to find. I kept looking for the right size and colour everywhere I went.

Her blouse is made using a pretty dainty rose bud pattern cotton fabric which fastens at the back.
The buttons I chose are really cute little sky blue flower shaped ones. Very dainty. In this style of cardigan, I think the design of the buttons are a really important feature.

Her hair is tied back with an I-cord hair tie knitted in the same lace weight shetland wool as her cardigan.

Annette is wearing a cute outfit. Her waistcoat is hand knit using 4ply hand dyed wool. Its colours coordinate beautifully with the colour of the blue flowers on her dress. The waistcoat buttons at the front with pretty grey pearly buttons and features a lacey pattern on the front.

Her dress has a gathered skirt with a narrow pleat just above the hemline.

The bodice is fully lined. The sleeves are puffed with a little cuff and she has a contrasting colour of blue for the collar.

Her pants match her dress. The outfit is finished with white ankle socks and navy blue leather boneka shoes.

A truly beautiful outfit.

Pippa is modelling my favourite outfit from this collection. It is a beautiful v-neck jacket knitted in 2ply sweater weight shetland wool. The jacket is in the main striped with little speckles of contrasting colour in some of the stripes.

I loved the dark blue buttons which have a couple of tones in them.

She has a crew neck short sleeved sweater on underneath her jacket. It is knit using a lovely blue and dark green sock wool, (the same wool as I used for the background of the sweater with the white horses).

Her trousers are denim bootleg style. Her outfit is finished with hand knit socks made from the same sock wool as her short sleeved top. She has little track shoes to finish the outfit.

Isn't Pippa just the cutest doll?

I so love the look of this wig on her with the beautiful little fine curls.
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