Autumn Landscape Collection: Part 4

The models in this group are:
Matthew (early 1968 Frido Gregor)
Ruth (early 70's Trendon Sasha)
Sophie (Gotz blonde)
and Esther (Gotz blonde toddler).

Ruth is modelling another of my new creations for this collection.

She is wearing a very fine fairisle sweater hand knitted using shetland lace weight wool. The colours are beautiful, a combination of the natural shetland sheep shades of wool with the addition of blue and green. An exquisite sweater.

I thought the very dark chocolate finewale corduroy looked lovely with the sweater picking up the dark brown shade of wool.

Her socks are knit using lace weight shetland wool in the light grey colour with an accent of dark brown. She is wearing the lovely dollfie t-bar sandals.

I used one of the lovely natural shetland sheep wool colours for her hat and scarf.

I saw a beautiful cable scarf in Belfast when I was wandering around the shops window shopping and thought it would be perfect for this outfit. I liked the idea of one strong cable running along the centre of the scarf. The hat also has cabling with a garter stitch edge. I thought it would be fun to make the pompom using lots of the colours used to knit the fairisle sweater.

This is a fabulous outfit and looks wonderful on Ruth who has very dark puddle eyes and dates from the early 70's.

Mathew is wearing a lovely boys outfit.

He has a cute sweater and beanie hat knit using a tweed self striping sock wool. The colours really suit his dark colouring.

The trousers were made using a mid-tone denim, are a straight leg style with pockets.

He has white socks and dollfie track shoes with denim blue stripes on the sides.

His scarf was knitted using the dark brown tweed sock wool. I was really tempted to put a dark brown pompom on the hat but then, I decided that it was more boyish left as a little plain beanie shape.

Mathew is a gregor from 1968 and has the loveliest dark brown eyes with loads of hand finishing.

Esther is wearing another new style outfit. She has a pair of sage green dungarees with a contrast cotton leaf print fabric as an edge on the trouser and for the pocket on the front of the dungarees and the lining on the inside of the dungarees.

She has finely knitted boots which were inspired by Elizabeth Zimmerman's Lapland boots.

Her hooded jacket was knitted using the same lovely space dyed sock yarn. The jacket has a cable and double moss stitch pattern on the front, back and sleeves. It has cute little pockets and a double moss stitch hood. The textured buttons match the colour of the corduroy used for the dungarees.

The blonde and blue eyed Esther (Gotz toddler) looks really cute in this lovely cosy outfit.

Finally, I have Sophie wearing a lovely warm outfit for the cool Autumn days.

She is wearing a hat, sweater and bag all made using the same self striping sock wool. Although the stripes are not knit as they would have come on the ball. I changed them to suit the style of the outfit which allowed me to use the wool in a fairisle pattern on the bag.

Her skirt was made using a lovely mink coloured finewale corduroy which tones beautifully with the knitwear.

After a lot of searching, I finally, found a pair of childrens tights in the same colour as the skirt from which I was able to make her tights. Her shoes are commercially made brown loafers from Antina's Doll Supply.
Sophie came to me with enhanced eyes but after a while, I decided I would like to try repainting them myself, so I carefully took off the original enhancement and painted her eyes using very fine brushes and acrylic paint. I love they way they turned out. I adore the natural looking style of eye painting on the early Sasha dolls and some of the one of a kind repaint dolls.
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