My God-daughter the Young Photographer...

I was just sorting through my photographs tonight before going to bed, moving most of them to the external hard drive for storage and I came across these photographs that were taken in May.  My nieces had been planning what they wanted to do while I was visiting.  

In this series of photographs... all the ones showing my niece (who is 6), were taken by me...  and all of the photos showing just the Sasha dolls and their toys were the actual photos taken by her with only a tiny amount of cropping.  Her grandma bought her the camera she is using for Christmas the year before she turned 4 and she has been taking photos of her teddy bears and dolls (without beheading them) ever since.  She was given her own camera after she accidentally dropped her mum's camera.

My niece had been planning exactly what type of photos she wanted to take.   Isn't it lovely the way her little sister watches what she is doing with such concentration...

She posed her baby Sasha (sundress baby) crawling towards her little toys...

She posed the dolls and took a few photographs...  Each doll is holding its own cuddly toy...

Then she spent ages getting her Sasha dolls to stand up.  I think I had to help a little with her blonde girl  Anna (schoolgirl).  But she succeeded in getting Holly to stand up and I just love how she has posed her baby Sundress...  such a lovely composition.  This is her actual photograph.

Then she posed Holly sitting on the stump from the old hedge holding a beautiful blue hardy geranium.

And this lovely photo is the result...  I didn't crop this photo at all.  

For little girls who lost their papa only the month before these were taken, they are a total inspiration to all of us.   
(I am known as Dolly Auntie aka Dolly Godmother... she is a fan of my Sasha Stories and has them on her favourites button on their laptop...)

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