Autumn Landscape Collection: Part 3

The models in this group are:
Anna (Gotz Anna side-part with bobbed hairstyle) Sally (Early trendon baby girl)Raven haired trendon Sasha Emillie (One of a Kind Sasha Repaint)

When I saw this beautiful silk scarf, I just knew that it would be a perfect sari for Sasha.

It has a pretty paisley pattern with a lovely dark contrasting border. I have hand stitched the pleats to help keep them in place.

I used a lovely oatmeal coloured natural cotton for the little top and the long length slip.

She is also wearing fine beads one as a necklace and the other two (the same length as the first) twisted around her wrists as bracelets.

Although my raven haired trendon beauty succeeded in modelling this outfit, it also looked gorgeous on Arielle my Gotz Yamka.

I created this pretty outfit for the Lilac Collection. I loved it so much I thought I would try it in the lovely Autumn colours.

Her cardigan is hand knit using a pretty peach lace weight shetland wool. Yet again the buttons were hard to find. I kept looking for the right size and colour everywhere I went.

Her blouse is made from a dainty rose floral patterned cotton fabric and fastens at the back.

Her socks are hand knit using the same wool as her cardigan. The outfit is completed with a lovely pair of brown leather boneka sandals.
Emillie is another of Kelly Wenarsky's beautiful one-of-a-kind Sasha dolls. She has deep blue eyes and wears an auburn human hair wig which I have plaited. It is tied with a hair tie knitted using the shetland lace wool.
Here we have another of my new baby Sasha creations.

I just adore my little early brunette Sasha baby girl. Her eyes are gradually turning a gorgeous shade of green and she has a cute very long fringe which she peeps out from below.

Sally is wearing a lovely striped baby grow which fastens at the front with black snap fasteners. It is knit using a lovely Panda silk sock wool and a lovely dark brown tweed sock wool which has the same colour flecks running through it as are in the Panda wool.

She is hugging her beautiful little toy dog.
For a long time I have intended to find the time to create a pattern for a baby hat with ear flaps. It really is too cute on her. It was knitted mainly using the panda silk sock wool and edged using the tweed wool. I also added a little dark brown pompom. It ties under her chin with little I-cord ties.
This is the first outing for Anna, my lovely Gotz side-part girl, as a model.

The dress she is wearing was made using the same beautiful dainty rose floral patterned cotton as the blouse above. It has a full gathered skirt which is just below the knee in length. The bodice is fitted and lined and the dress has long sleeves.

Her socks are hand knit using ivory lace weight shetland wool with a single peach stripe. Her shoes are leather boneka t-bar shoes.

The contrast fabric has a darker peach pattern on a lighter peach background and has been used for her peter pan collar, fine cuffs and belt. The belt has a little decorative rose shaped buckle at the front, picking up the rose pattern on the dress fabric.

Anna is a beautiful Sasha who has gorgeous shoulder length brown hair with blue eyes. She is sister to my lovely Gotz Annette and toddler Elke who both have the same colouring.
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2 Response to "Autumn Landscape Collection: Part 3"

  1. drlaura says:
    27 October 2009 at 04:31

    Oh my! how lovely! what princesses they are!
    I'm Dr Laura "sock guru" for Crystal Palace yarns. we have a blog at CPYsocksandmore and i'd love to post the sweet baby in the Panda Silk, or any others you have wearing Crystal Palace yarns. The kid merino might be fun for you to use, nice and fine, and the colors of Mini Mochi could make an adorable warm poncho or Linus=type blankie.

  2. Jeannette says:
    8 May 2012 at 22:15

    I am just wondering where I can buy some knitting patterns please?

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