Brittany - Pointes Du Raz & du Van

Pointe du Raz was a very touristy place when we arrived but it had all the amenities, toilets, shops and cafes. I bought a book of Celtic Legends of Brittany and a few postcards of lighthouses.

The beautiful statue overlooking the point seemed to be for sailors lost at sea (we may be wrong on this as our French is not all that good).

Pointe du Van was beautiful and wild feeling. The ground was carpetted in heather and low growing gorse sprinkled with wild flowers.

We loved the quiet only broken by the singing of the crickets. We stopped now and again to try and see them but we never did.

Neil took a photograph of me trying to get Sasha to stand on the rocks. It was quite a precarious position and I could imagine her going for a tumble.

As we drove away from the car park Neil had to stop as a group of 4 baby weasels were crossing the road. They were all in a jumble and suddenly realised the car was there and made an about turn and a made dash back for the safety of the gorse.

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