Brittany - Huelgoat

We parked beside the lake in Huelgoat, crossed the bridge and looked down upon Chaos.

We walked on through the tunnels and arches created by huge 100 tonne rocks and boulders of the Grotte du Diable. It was extraordinary with tree roots grasping hold of the boulders like huge hands.

After a while the Silver River returned to the surface and we walked along the rivers edge following the twists and curves of the sparkling brown water. It was beautiful and we could see dragon flies darting around.

We reached the road and walked along it until we found a signpost that showed where to find the Gouffre.

Here there was a huge rock overhanging the river, and the river swooshed down a fall into the rocks below and disappeared from sight underground.

We was an easy and attractive walk from here to the Mirror of the Faery, a serene and beautiful pool of water surrounded by moss covered granite boulders.

We sat here for a while musing on the magical atmosphere, watching a shoal of fish in the water, listening to the sound of the wind whispering through the treetops and watching the beautiful dragon flies flitting over the surface of the water, resting on the rocks and even on periodically on us.

On our way back to the road we were passed by a man rushing from the Gouffre to the pool, back again, up the steps and by the time we had reached the top of the steps he was slamming the door of his car and driving out of the car park, around the bend and he was gone. In such haste that he had completely missed the sense of calm, the beauty and the ethereal feeling of the place.

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