Brittany - Beauport Abbey

I adored Beauport Abbey. It was a marvellous building even though much of it was in ruins.

The local rookery had moved out of the large trees around the abbey into holes in the walls which once upon a time would have supported roofs and floors.

The abbey was built in the Anglo-Norman style in the early 13th century and was an important centre of religion.

There were spectacular sea views through the windows.

As we walked around looking att he chapterhouse, cloisters, refectory, kitchen and store rooms I found my mind returning to Cadfael, Ellis Peters' wonderful creation.

To me the peaceful walled gardens draped in vines and other climbing plants, surrounding orchards, vegetable plots, paddocks for cattle and sheep and herb gardens. Around every corner I half expected to see Cadfael collecting his herbs to make his medicinal potions.

As soon as I was home, I found myself at the library borrowing a couple of audio books, Monks Hood and The Pilgrim of Hate!

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