Marmalade Compote Preview 2...

This is the second preview set of photos for the Marmalade Compote collection. 

I love the colours in this set of outfits.  I was very lucky to find the perfect apricot Ugg boots the same colour as the cute duffle coat.

The apricot coloured finewale duffle coat is fully lined with ivory.  I used pale coloured wooded toggles and light biscuit suede for the loops.  The model is my Gotz Sophie.  When she arrived with me she had already had her eyes enhanced but I redid it.  

This sweater dress/long tunic is hand knit using a lovely hand dyed 4 ply merino wool.  It is truly beautiful.  I have used moss stitch for the panel down the centre front and back, the neck, cuffs and the deep hem.  The dress has raglan shaping for the sleeves.  

I haven't finished sewing in the ends yet and am still deciding what will be the perfect colour for her leggings/tights.  The dress looks gorgeous with the Ugg boots.  There will be a lovely ear flap hat with this outfit.  

This is just the start of this outfit.  I have the trousers and blouse made.  I shall be using two lovely contrasting shades of lace weight wool for the cardigan, hair tie and socks.  I adore these gorgeous pearl leather Boneka shoes.  They are perfect with Emilie's outfit.  Emilie is a Kelly Wenarksky repaint with pretty blue eyes and has a lovely long auburn hair (human hair wig).

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4 Response to "Marmalade Compote Preview 2..."

  1. Dawn says:
    11 July 2011 at 11:56

    The knitting on the sweater is wonderful Nikki, moss stitch was a perfect choice - and oh my those boots.....

  2. Digne says:
    12 July 2011 at 10:22

    I love this.
    Das ist ein wirklich fruchtiges Aprikosen-Kompott-Design!

  3. Serenata says:
    12 July 2011 at 17:45

    Nikki, these are outstanding and I just love the colours. Wonderful that you managed to get uggs to match the coat. Wow!

  4. JordanDorkin says:
    2 July 2015 at 15:10

    These are looking very cute dolls and having perfect dress up.

    Love Doll

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