Marmalade Compote Preview 3...

I love these outfits and how they are turning out.  The colours are glorious.

Ariel, Sandy and one of my waifs are modelling the outfits.

I love this outfit, it is one of my favourite so far.  I love the pretty fairisle yoke sweater and hat.  I shall be doing socks to match.  Haven't decided on footwear yet.  Haven't found the perfect shoes yet.

The outfit that Ariel is wearing is turning into an absolute beauty.  I love the fairisle sweater (patterned on back and front), with an edging to the sleeve and around the edge of the hat.  I still need to make the trousers and knit the socks.  Loving it so far though.

A closeup.  Love the contrasting colours in this outfit.

Sandy looks so cool in this outfit.  The sweater is a self striping 4 ply wool/cotton mix yarn in apricot, ivory, yellow ochre, grey, blue and brown.  I loved the wool that I have used for his hat and scarf.  

I have used a lovely tie dye needlecord for his trousers and have chosen laced leather Boneka shoes.  Haven't decided which yarn to use for his socks though.  Sandy is such a cute gregor.

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3 Response to "Marmalade Compote Preview 3..."

  1. Serenata says:
    15 July 2011 at 18:07

    Ariel's jumper is wonderful and I love the way you have incorporated some of the pattern into the sleeves, just the right amount. Wonderful collection that is for sure.

  2. Dawn Says:
    21 July 2011 at 09:46

    More wonderful knitting and I love both pairs of trousers.

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