Sasha Beauty

My beautiful blue eyed brunette girl has arrived home. Lisa did such a wonderful job on the full head reroot. She is stunning. I took Kendal's thoughtful suggestion and have a little bit of the same hair stored incase I decide on the fine fringe but the more I look at her, the more I love the look of her hair just as it is.

I just adore the texture of her hair. It brushes beautifully. Then if I give her a little shake, it has a great tousled look.
This lovely girl was once a blonde gregor from the early 70's. He had a nasty hair cut when he arrived with me and spent a long time wearing various different wigs. Such beautiful big grey blue eyes.

I had often thought that this doll deserved to have a new head of hair as she was so pretty. Then after the arrival of my lovely rerooted side part girl, I decided to take the plunge and she went to Lisa for a makeover.
Her hair is stunning. But not too much of it. I sometimes feel that some of my 80's trendon dolls have a little too much hair and curl. Having said that, this look is exactly what my two nieces love about their Sasha dolls.
This dolls hair reminds me more of the lovely hair on the Gotz Sasha dolls from the 90's.

She is wearing an outfit that I made a while ago, but had never finished. Inspired by the arrival of my beautiful girl, I knit her had and scarf while relaxing infront of the tv. The outfit is knit using a lovely fluffy sock yarn and two strongly contrasting colours of 4 ply wool. Her shoes are the dark red dollfie shoes that look a bit like the Clark's startrite shoes that my sister and I used to wear when we were children.

Thank you Lisa for all your hard work turning my waif into a stunning one of a kind Sasha.
Now I need to choose a name that suits her.

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5 Response to "Sasha Beauty"

  1. Nikita Eileen says:
    28 February 2010 at 01:32

    She looks so awesome...just like she is!

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