Introducing Robbie

For a long time now, Pip has complained that she needed a brother.

Finally, a couple of weeks ago, I won this beautiful 1968 brunette gregor (on ebay) who we have named Robert, Robbie for short.

He has lovely brown hair cut in the 60's style, short above his ears with longer bits in front of his ears. His eyes are really beautiful and very similar to Pip's with the fine darker outline around the iris. His lips are a little faded and rubbed but he is a wonderful played with Gregor who has an exciting past as a much loved child's friend.

Pip is really excited at Robbie's arrival and couldn't wait to show him her panda. We spent ages looking for a panda that was the right size for her as she is quite fussy about the type of toys she likes and the panda was on her wish list for a long time.
Pip is a cute 1968 side part girl with beautiful eyes and lovely natural looking wavy hair. Her hair is falling so we take care of it by not washing or brushing it so she always has a slightly tousled look about her.

Pip is wearing a long belted cardigan that was part of the Winter Frost Collection. The rest of the outfit was sold but the Sasha who was buying the outfit didn't want the cardigan as she liked the dress without it. So Pip was very quick to tell me that she wanted the cardigan and that she thought it looked very cute with her jeans. She is wearing later Gotz blue shoes with her jeans.
Robbie has a cable sweater that I made a long time ago and a new pair of needlecord trousers with pockets. This is teamed with a pair of black laced leather shoes.

They look so cute together and make a gorgeous brother and sister. Their hair is just the same shade of rich brown.

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5 Response to "Introducing Robbie"

  1. Anonymous Says:
    21 February 2010 at 19:11

    Long-lost siblings reunited at last -- they do look perfect together.

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