I love Magenta, Mauve and Blue

Sarah who was the first Sasha I ever bought is lovely girl from 1975. She originally wore the red dress with white stitching on it. She is a little different than my other Sasha dolls as one of her legs is quite a bit shorter than the other. It can give her a very natural stance but makes her a bit harder to pose than other dolls in my collection.

I adore the colours in this sock wool. very rich tones of magenta, purple, mauve and pale blue. Beautiful combination.

I had a lovely needlecord in a dull mauve tone which looked beautiful with the sock wool.

The magenta needlecord I made the duffle coat from picks up the magenta in the sweater perfectly. I chose a mauve coloured lining for the coat which matches the corduroy trousers. I was lucky to find a mauve suede for the loops.

I haven't decided about socks yet.
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1 Response to "I love Magenta, Mauve and Blue"

  1. SewManyDolls says:
    11 July 2009 at 05:48

    Gorgeous outfit Nikki Love the blending of colors.

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