Baby bedroom

I spent the weekend having fun with some of my props.

I have been collecting pieces of furniture for a baby bedroom for about 4 years. I was really pleased when I finally found a cot.

These are the first sample shots to see what else the setting needs and I have not yet decided upon the pictures for the wall. I favour pictures from my favourite early childhood book "I am a bunny" by Richard Scarry. I am thinking of a seasons theme for the pictures.

I haven't decided if these will be the actual babies, toddler and Sasha in the picture story when it is finished. I definitely know I want to use a different Sasha but I really like my little brunette toddler. She was an Esther that I bought on ebay. She had already had her hair coloured a ginger colour but the problem was that in night light her hair looked salmon pink. After a couple of weeks I decided to colour her hair and made her a brunette. She is really cute.

My brunette baby is an early sexed baby girl. Her eyes have a hint of green and I keep intending to repaint her eyebrows which are olive coloured. She is playing with a cream cat family who live in my old Lundby dolls house. She is using the Lundby nursery furniture for them.

I love looking for appropriately sized props for the settings. I invariably find the furniture on ebay. Everywhere I go, I am looking out for toys in the right scale. I am not a perfectionist about scale. It is hard to find the right size so I tend to think if it looks okay it will do. I suppose I should carry a tape measure with me but I never have one when I see something so it has to be a judgement call.

I love the American girl items.
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1 Response to "Baby bedroom"

  1. jenann says:
    11 July 2009 at 19:52

    This is such a lovely idea. The props look perfect - lucky babies to have so many things! I can't wait to read the story.

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