Amethyst Dreams - Part 2

9 November 2010

I have finished all the photography for the new Amethyst Dreams Collection of Sasha and Gregor clothing.  The website should be updated by tomorrow morning.  The first half of the collection was placed on Sasha Doll Style website last night.  Amethyst Dreams Collection

(Inspiration for Amethyst Dreams)

Group 3

Sasha (fringe girl circa 1968) is wearing a richly coloured wide rib sweater knitted in Araucania hand painted wool.  I used the same lovely wool to knit her ear flap hat.  Her scarf and socks are knitted using a dark indigo wool.  I used the same wool to knit the edge on her hat and both wools are used for the plaits.  Her bootleg style trousers are made using a lovely Amethyst coloured finewale corduroy.  Gorgeous outfit.

David (my 1972 gregor) is wearing a cute outfit.  I used crazy zauberball sock wool for his sweater and hat.  I loved the long repeat in this yarn which gave a very modern look to the graduating colours.  His socks are knitted using a lovely lace weight shetland wool which picks out one of the colours in his sweater.  His straight leg trousers are made from mid blue denim.  The trousers have pockets at the front.  The outfit really suits David.

Sasha (Jeans 1968) is wearing a lovely striped sweater dress.  I have used the same lovely Araucania wool and indigo wool to knit the dress in fine stripes.  I used the indigo for her cuffs, polo neck collar and welt.  Also used the indigo to knit her modern style hat.  I spent a lot of time looking for fabric to make her tights.  Couldn't find the right colour anywhere and then I saw a woollen sweater in a shop that was just the right colour.  I brought it home and cut off one sleeve.  Perfect.  The outfit is completed with chestnut Uggs.

Group 4

Sarah (mid 70's brunette) is wearing a beautiful outfit.  Her sweater is a gorgeous mix of purples and magentas.  Wonderful depth of colour.  Her earflap hat is made using a Lorna's Laces Sock wool.  Her bootleg style trousers are made using a gorgeous mauve needlecord.  Her socks are made using the same wool as her sweater.

I used this outfit for modelling the duffle coat which is a wonderful magenta needlecord lined with a darker contrasting mauve lining.  Mauve leather thong used for the loops and wooden toggles.  Beautiful duffle coat.

My brunette Sasha re-root is wearing the cabled sweater.  It has two cables at the front and double moss st for the background and sleeves.  A polo neck collar and rib cuffs and welt.  I have used the same lovely 4 ply dusky pink wool for the double moss st socks.  Her bootleg trousers are also mauve needlecord.  I have used a lovely Fyberspates hand dyed sock yarn for her hat and scarf.  Very soft.

Katie is wearing a beautiful sweater dress with polo neck and front pocket hand knitted using Lorna's laces wool in Black Purl colourway.  Her earflap hat was knitted using the same wool and edged using a lovely pinky/mauve bamboo yarn.  I has a gorgeous sheen and the colour sets off the dress and hat perfectly.  I used both yarns for the plaits on the earflap hat.  Her leggings are made from pinky/mauve cotton jersey.  A very attractive outfit.  She is wearing black slip on shoes. 

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7 Response to "Amethyst Dreams - Part 2"

  1. pip says:
    9 November 2010 at 20:46

    I love the colours and knitwear... the little hats are just so cute :)

  2. Julie says:
    10 November 2010 at 13:01

    Lovely collection. I'm really liking the sweater dresses. They look so cozy, comfy, and chic. Thanks for sharing the pics and descriptions.

  3. Fotobloggen 2010 says:
    29 November 2010 at 10:37

    nice dolls.I like it when they have ordinary shapes and color- Great clothing to!

    Thanks for commenting in my blog

    Christina, Sweden

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