Zig zag Fairisle Sweater...

14 August 2010

The coloured wool I have used for this fairisle pattern is one of the beautiful Colinette Jitterbug colour range...  This snap was taken by my sister Pip when she was visiting Kent from Wales... 

Pip loves work in progress photos... I took a quick snap to see how the hat was turning out to go with the sweater...  Love using the fairisle rib... always shows the colours up rather beautifully as an edging...

Sasha looks very pretty wearing the sweater that features a pretty multi coloured fairisle zig zag edging...
  I love the ivory setting off the pretty colours... It works really nicely...

This is one of my favourite Sasha dolls... She was an ebay purchase a couple of years ago... She was wearing an early Sasha outfit that I really wanted although Sasha herself dates to 1970 according to her string colour, neck bar and shade of vinyl as well as her height...  When she arrived one of her eyes was very faded and barely visible... The other eye had very heavy eyelid painting which didn't suit her but the eye paint was similar in style to the other Sasha I had from the same year.   So I took out my acrylic paints and cleaned off the eyes and spent a couple of days painting eyes on a paper pad until I had the look I wanted.  I wanted her to look like her eyes had never been damaged and used a grayish blue colour...
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6 Response to "Zig zag Fairisle Sweater..."

  1. SewManyDolls says:
    14 August 2010 at 22:27

    Gorgeous sweater, as always and the eyes look really good too. Love your knitting
    sandy w.

  2. Nikita Eileen says:
    17 August 2010 at 13:11

    So love this soft sweater and hat set...Nikita

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