Evergreen Collection - Part 3

The models in Group 3 of Evergreen Collection are Natalie (a 1969 brunette waif wearing a Dollsmane wig), Rowena (Limited Edition Kiltie) and Lisa (a rerooted blonde Side-part girl).

Natalie is wearing a beautiful traditional style dress outfit. Her dress is made using two lovely contrasting cotton fabrics. The yoke is a deep red with gold spots. The rest of the dress is made using a lovely two tone green with little red and blue birds eating deep red grapes. A soft ecru lace collar.

Her slip is made from the same fabric as the yoke on her dress. Her pantalettes are the same green fabric as her dress.
Her socks are hand knit using ivory lace weight wool.
Her shoes are laced leather Boneka shoes.

Rowena is wearing a new style of hand knit cardigan using a hand dyed merino wool with 5 buttons on the front. I saw a cardigan in a magazine with a matching scarf which I loved, so I knit the cardigan with a small upright collar and a matching scarf. The cardigan has pockets. I matched the colour of the jacket to the brown tendrils on her blouse.
I used the same wool for her socks.

I found a lovely modern style clasp that looks lovely with the outfit.
Her trousers are dark green needlecord that matches the ivy leaves on her blouse.

Lisa is wearing a beautiful cotton dress with olive sage green leaves and tendrils and dainty red flowers. Her scarf is made using a fine sage green and ivory check cotton. Her sash is made from a pretty leafy patterned sage and ivory fabric. The same fabric was used for her pants. She has a fine ivory ribbon tying her hair.

Her socks are knit using ivory lace weight wool. Her shoes are cute red shoes reminiscent of the style I wore as a child.

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5 Response to "Evergreen Collection - Part 3"

  1. Anonymous Says:
    16 March 2010 at 19:12

    As always these are perfectly beautiful!

  2. Anonymous Says:
    29 January 2014 at 14:08

    This website is the most uplifting site ever! It's like visiting a wonderful art gallery. It warms my heart and starts my day off with a smile.

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