Winter Warmth Collection Preview

Winter Warmth Collection

Inspired by the cold weather outside, venturing out for walks wrapped up in scarves, mittens and cosy coats, and snug indoors in woolly sweaters and sitting by cosy open fires toasting our toes...

As Christmas approaches, I am putting up my Christmas tree but I love the old traditional Christmas decorations, the dark green holly with shiny red berries, little bunches of mistletoe hanging from the kitchen door frame, the contrast colours of the Golden Heart Ivy by the door, the last of the autumn colours clinging to the Japanese Acers and Witch Hazels.

These outfits are the start of the Winter Warmth Collection. I have been working on this collection for a while, although the custom orders are at the moment placing it on the back burner.

I loved working with these colours in my ideas book and have ended up with 4 pages of ideas for this Collection. The colours are such a pleasure to work with. I love the huge range of reds, plum, greens, golds and browns with the touch of ivory contained in my inspiration images. I enjoyed collecting the beautiful selection of wool, silk, tweed and bamboo yarns and the beautiful cotton fabrics and colours of corduroy.

I have not decided on all of the outfit styles yet so some of the colourways do not yet have notes beside them.
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