Original Sasha Outfits with a Twist...

As I collected most of my collection of original Sasha and Gregor outfits a separate items and it often took me a while to have a complete set, I had the habit of using the items in different ways...

Olwyn kindly wore the Honey blonde "Party" outfit from the 80's. We don't have the blue eyed honey blonde girl in our collection but Olwyn thought the outfit looked pretty.

Of course, my 70's waif who has a bit of a rebellious streak had to try the outfit too but she added a few other items of clothing to make it more her own style.
This is just a preview of one of the outfits which I have featured.
This is a new series of photos on http://www.sashadollstyle.co.uk/ which will be ongoing for a while. I hope you will enjoy it.
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